Freerubies is an online platform created by a group of people who enjoy spending their time in front of a screen. Like you, we’re gamers and our goal is to develop this culture in an era where everything has a cost. In the beginning of the 2000’s, things were not as complicated as now, the gaming industry came up with many revolutionary games that were free.

We’re witnessing the ascension of games where the one who pays the most is the one who’s having more chances to win. We’re totally against this idea and want everyone to have an equal chance to prove himself in the virtual world. Plus, we don’t need to mention the impact of these disparities on young players that can’t have the best experience in-game.

That’s why we decided to provide the players with a solution to help them with the daily struggle that everyone faces to gather resources and enable them to get everything they want.

If you face any issue or would like to give us a proposition in order to make the platform greater, contact us.