Mario Kart Tour: 4 Tricks To Win Your Race

tricks mario kart tour

Throughout your game adventure on Mario Kart Tour, you’ll start discovering some tricks and tips that give small advantages in races. Do not under estimate the power of the simple tricks because every small advantage matters especially when you race with pro players.

1-Maintain Combo

One of the strongest assets of Mario Kart Tour are Combos. If you know how to exploit that you’ll be building a competitive advantage that’ll boost your race performance. When it comes to Combos, everything matters, the jumps, the coins, pushing your competitor, everything constitutes the base of a strong combo.

This is the main trick about winning races on Mario Kart Tour. It’s crucial to maintain your combo if you want to hit an important score.

2-Good Start

Starting your race properly gives an initial advantage and more score. The thing about making a good race start is having the more powerful Kart. The more powerful your Kart is, the better your start will be. It’s always better to be the first at the beginning of the race as you take the game more comfortably and gain self-confidence which will definitely make your performance a lot better.

So, when the countdown hits 2, click on the forward button and release pressure when your kart is unclenched. If you watch that closely you’ll notice a small advantage at the beginning of the race. Make sure to have the best Kart with the Gems that our tool provides, so that you can finish the race first before even starting it.

3- Timing and bonuses

It’s very important to know the perfect moment when you should use the gathered bonuses. They contribute strongly in the outcome of any game, wasting them can hurt your final ranking. You also need to make sure that your aim is directed towards your opponent, it’s advised to always shoot forward to reach your target.

The bonuses are randomly distributed and you don’t know when the situation may require you to have certain assets to win the race. Something it’s just a matter of seconds that separates between the first and the second racers, and of course the situation would have been different if bonuses have been exploited properly and used in the right time.

4- Keep an eye on the map

To activate the map on your game session, you need to deactivate the economy mode in Mario Kart Tour settings. The map shows you the position of each player and how things are going, it’ll also help you to choose whether to use or keep the bonuses you collect in the race.