Mario Kart Tour : Fun Races

Fun mario kart tour

The mobile video game industry is witnessing the ascension of one of the most wanted adaptations of Mario Kart on mobile. This game has been for so long a reference in terms of funny races that incorporates the unique universe of Mario. Every player chooses his driver which is a character from the Mario universe along with a special kart. Each character and kart gives you special features that’ll help you to win races.

Of course, these customizations can give huge boosts and provide you with a huge advantage during races. In addition, there are many races that are only unlockable if you have specific characters. It means that the game is not only about having good driving skills, but also about developing your account in order to possess assets that’ll help you win races. The process of purchasing upgrades and new features, characters and karts for your account is not an easy one. You either have to win races and get rubies and coins rewards that you can exchange later for a new character or kart. Or, you’ll need to make things go more quickly by purchasing rubies and coins directly for real money.

In multiplayer games there’s always a competitive dimension that goes beyond winning games. It’s also about customizing your character in a way that complements a personal style. People are looking to distinguish themselves from other on the virtual world, and are ready to purchase customizations in order to do so.

There’s nothing new about the gameplay, the main aspects of a racing game are here. What adds the special touch on the game is the universe of Mario and the special characters that comes with it.

If we shift our focus towards the games that have a huge success, it’s easy to notice that they include a childish dimension within the gameplay. It doesn’t mean that the game targets only young players, but we might say that mobile players tend to be different from other platforms. That’s a point that Mario Kart Tour have exploited perfectly to develop an exponential player base.

To conclude, Mario Kart Tour remains an excellent option for those who love fun in a competitive way and the adepts of the Mario universe.